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2008-2009 Free Agents

Designated Hitter
DH Frank Thomas (Athletics, 39, Team Option)
DH Jose Vidro (Mariners, 33, Vesting Option)

C Gary Bennett (Dodgers, 35)
C Johnny Estrada (Nationals, 31)
C Paul Lo Duca (Nationals, 35)

First Base
1B Scott Hatteberg (Free Agent, 38)
1B Richie Sexson (Free Agent, 32)

Second Base
2B Mark Grudzielanek (Royals, 37)

Third Base


Left Fielders
Moises Alou (Mets, 42)
Luis Gonzalez (Marlins, 41)
Jay Payton (Orioles, 36)

Center Fielders
Jim Edmonds (Cubs, 39)

Right Fielders

Starting Pitchers
Tony Armas Jr. (Mets, 31)
Paul Byrd (Red Sox, 38)
Orlando Hernandez (Mets, 43)
Jon Lieber (Cubs, 39)
Pedro Martinez (Mets, 37)
Mark Mulder (Cardinals, 29)
Ben Sheets (Brewers, 30)
Steve Trachsel (Orioles, 38)

Middle Relievers
Shawn Chacon (Astros, 31)
Keith Foulke (Athletics, 35)
Matt Herges (Rockies, 39, Team Option)
Mike Timlin (Red Sox, 43)

Al Reyes (Rays, 38)

Last updated on April 12th, 2009

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