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2009 Giants 3B Options?

The Giants tried very hard to land a third baseman in the off season and were not successful, so expect them to be very aggressive this off season. Here are a couple options for them:

Adrian Beltre, Mariners: Adrian Beltre has been struggling mightily for the Mariners and they may look to trade him to clear up some payroll. While Beltre has a limited no-trade clause, it does not block a trade to the Giants.

Casey Blake, Dodgers: Casey Blake has been doing very well for the Dodgers since coming over, but he reportedly prefers to play in front of a smaller venue. Moving up to San Francisco to be the Giants third baseman may appeal to Blake because he would be playing in front of a smaller venue, but would be familiar with the division.

Joe Crede, White Sox: The White Sox will likely let Crede walk with Josh Fields waiting in the wings, so the Giants could finally land their target from the 2008 off season. Crede will probably have to sign for a reduced price because he is oft-injured, but that won't stop too many teams.

Aubrey Huff, Orioles: The Orioles put Huff on waivers and so far he has not been involved in any serious talks. However, he could be a hot commodity come the Winter Meetings when teams start missing out on their first and second choice. The Orioles would be smart to sell high on Huff, who is having a career year.