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Astros Extend Erstad, Moehler

According to's Karen Oliphant, the Astros have extended both Darin Ertad and Brian Moehler through 2009. Erstad, who is hitting .292 with 3 HR in 119 games, will receive 1.75 million dollars plus incentives while Moehler, who is 9-5 with a 3.99 ERA, will make 2.3 million dollars with an option for 2010. "We just thought that if we had a chance to move it forward we'd take advantage of it," said general manager Ed Wade. "They both epitomize the professionalism that we pride ourselves on and also are very talented guys. Their presence on the club speaks for itself."

GM Ed Wade was smart to get these two contracts out of the way, mostly because it will allow him to focus on bigger, more pressing issues in the off season.