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Cordero Staying With Reds

Contrary to reports from the Cincinnati Enquirer that say Francisco Cordero may be heading to the Mets, one National League executive has informed me that Francisco Cordero is not available. "[The Reds] are in rebuilding mode. Why move one of the key pieces to their bullpen when they may be just a year or two away from competing in the Central?" Cordero, who signed a four year deal worth 46 million dollars last off season, is 4-4 on the year with a 3.77 ERA and 25 saves. Having Cordero in the closer role has arguably made the pitchers in front of him a lot better. Both Dave Weathers and Bill Bray struggled last year filling in as the closer and it made the team a lot worse. They were blowing saves left and right and there really wasn't a closer available. Now Weathers has a 3.39 ERA and Bray has a sub-2.60 ERA, mostly because they have a defined role with the team.

While the Mets may be aggressively pursuing a relief pitcher, it won't be Chad Cordero. It is possible Dave Weathers is available, but the Mets may be thinking long term. If they can pry Will Ohman from the Braves, he would make for an excellent pick.