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Ibanez Leaving Mariners

Mariners outfielder Raul Ibanez has reportedly told friends that he will leave the Mariners this coming off season. I'm sure the Mariners won't mind, considering the Mariners will receive two draft picks in return. While Ibanez is a good player, he is thirty-seven and is probably not worth the two picks. That should bring his price down some, enough for a team looking for help in 2009. It is possible the Braves would make a two to three year offer to Ibanez, hoping he could put the team (along with other additions) back into contention. Jeff Francouer is not living up to his potential and may be traded, so bringing in Ibanez would give them room to make a trade.

The Rockies could trade Matt Holliday this season for a prospect ready to play by late 2009 or 2010 and bring in Ibanez as a stopper until then. Not only would that clear up some cash, but it would solidify a spot for the future. If the Braves were willing to trade Jordon Schafer, that would be a deal that could work.