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Mariners Manager Options

The Mariners currently have interim manager Jim Riggleman running the team, but expect the Mariners to look for a new manager this offseason. Here are a couple of possible candidates for the job:

Joey Cora, White Sox Bench Coach: White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and Cubs manager Lou Piniella both have endorsed Cora as an up and coming manager. He is familiar with how Seattle runs, being with the team in the early 2000s.

John Farrell, Red Sox Pitching Coach: Farrell was the front runner for the Pirates job before he turned it down. However, don't be surprised if he jumps on a job this year. He is very experienced and could help a team in need of some direction on the mound.

Ron Roenickle, Angels Bench Coach: Serving under Mike Scioscia, Roenickle is high on teams list. He would be a good fit for the Mariners because he is familiar with the Mariners and the AL West.

Lee Elia, Mariners Bench Coach: Although the Mariners have struggled, Elia is experienced and will fire up the young Mariners, something that hasn't happened since the Lou Piniella era.

Larry Bowa, Dodgers Third Base Coach: Bowa was once a coach for the Mariners during the Lou Piniella era and is familiar with how the Mariners run. While Bowa may be waiting for the Dodgers job, going to Seattle will allow him to prove himself to everyone that he can manage.

While there are other options, these are the front-runners. Obviously, more candidates will appear when the season is over, but these are the options at this point in time.