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MLB Rumors In The News!

MLB Rumors has grown over the past several months, thanks mostly to you readers, and it caught the attention of several sports writers. I recently was contacted by the Chicago Sun-Times to do an interview about the blog. Here is the link to the article and here is what it said about me:

Then there's Eli Greenspan, a 17-year-old high school junior from Glencoe, whose blog, Eli's MLB Rumors, has drawn praise from Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane, among others. As of March 15, the site had drawn 1.6 million visitors and prompted Nike, PetSmart, Cingular and Circuit City to become advertisers.

''Now that I've made connections and people are calling me and asking me about players, I'm even more interested in building a team,'' said Greenspan, who has yet to begin applying to colleges. ''My goal, even though this might sound idealistic, is to be a general manager in 10 years.''

(Chicago Sun-Times)