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Quick Hits: Garcia, Hernandez, Eyre

-Several teams are expected to be scouting RHP Freddy Garcia today during a workout in Florida as he tries to come back from shoulder surgery. The NY Post reports the Mets will be among those teams as they search for pitching help.
-With pitcher Livan Hernandez clearing waivers today,any team that takes him will only pay a prorated portion of the league $390,000 minimum. the Twins would have to pay the remainder of his $5 million contract.The Rockies, Diamondbacks and Mets are showing interest.
-Speaking of pitching, the Cubs are looking to make a waiver trade for Scott Eyre. Interested teams are the Yankees, Rays, Phillies and Boston. Kerry Wood's return appears to be imminent and that may have factored into the Cubs' decision to try to get something for Eyre.