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Selig Looking Into Manny Trade

The Boston Globe is reporting that Bud Selig has ordered an investigation into how the Manny Ramirez trade went down last week. Ramirez became a disruptive force in the weeks leading up to the deadline, hoping to force a trade. According to the Globe, when the trade was made, Agent Scott Boras, who was not Ramirez's agent at the time of the Boston deal and therefore made nothing off that contract, called the Red Sox back and said Ramirez would like to stay if they would drop the team options for '09 and '10, allowing him to become a free agent at the end of this season. Boras denies making that call. Selig may think it smells fishy because Boras had his own interest in seeing Manny free of Boston's two years of options. He stood to make a lot with a new deal.