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Silva to Mets?

According to the Pioneer Press, Mariners pitcher Carlos Silva is lost without former teammate Johan Santana and does not feel comfortable with the Mariners. While Felix Hernandez is from Venezuela as well, he has been preoccupied by his own struggles. Silva, who was placed on the disabled list for arm fatigue, has won just once in his last 21 starts. He signed a forty-eight million dollar deal in the off season and is just 4-14 with a 6.36 ERA.

While the Mets don't necessarily have room for Silva, they could acquire for next to nothing while the Mariners would take most of his salary. It was a big investment for the Mariners, so I doubt they will give up on him just yet, but if he continues to struggle next season expect something to happen. The Mariners need to dress their offensive problem before they give up on their veteran pitchers. Trading Kenji Johjma and Adrian Beltre should be a priority, while finding a power hitter to shape the lineup around being secondary. The free agent class is a little bit older than last years, but that shouldn't stop the Mariners from being aggressive.