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Taveras to Nationals?

Nationals outfielder Lastings Milledge has been struggling and it has lead some executives to believe the Nationals will look to other options. If the Nationals were to move Milledge, they could open up the spot and go after speedy outfielder Willy Taveras, who has been made available by the Rockies. Although he is hitting .261, he is a speedy lead off hitter who is having an off year. He is a career .286 who currently has 59 stolen bases, but typically shoots for around 40.

While Taveras is a good choice, the Nationals could sacrifice a prospect in an attempt to land Cubs outfielder Reed Johnson. Johnson has been a stud for the Cubs this season and may become expendable if Felix Pie proves he is ready. While the Cubs may not be willing to trade him for a "nothing prospect," they would be willing to unload him if the Nationals gave them a legitimate prospect.

Dempster wants to stay in Chicago:
Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster, who currently has 14 wins, told reporters he wants to resign with Chicago. However, that probably means the Cubs will have to give him a three or four year deal worth 12 to 14 million dollars annually. Dempster is 31, so a four year deal worth 40-50 million seems likely.

Ross to Boston: The Philadelphia Phillies were informed by the agent of David Ross that he will be going to another team, not the Phillies. That team is believed to be the Red Sox, according to sources.