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Will The Phillies Resign Burrell?

Phillies outfielder Pat Burrell is having a pretty solid year, hitting .261 with 30 HR, but that doesn't mean the Phillies will throw a big contract at him. They have opened their wallets for several players already, and Burrell, 32, isn't in the Phillies long term plans. While the Phillies have talked with Burell, I doubt they are willing to give him the same deal he signed with the Phillies back in 2003 (5yr/60 million). If Burrell was willing to sign a three year deal worth about 10-11 million dollars, that could be a good deal for the Phillies. Anything higher is a huge risk for a player who has never hit above .265 in the last three years.

There aren't too many solid option on the market that are better than Burell, so it looks like he will be back. Unless they were to splurge on Manny Ramirez, which seems unlikely, would they let Burrell walk. Ruben Amaro Jr. looks like the next Phillies GM, and he is reportedly close with his agent Greg Genske, and Burrell, so he looks to be in the plans for at least 2009.