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Winners after the Deadline

Now that the deadline has passed, let's take a minute to go over who helped themselves and who didn't. The biggest winners have to be the ones who snagged the big names, mainly the Brewers and CC Sabathia, Cubs- Rich Harden, the Angels-Mark Teixeira, the Dodgers-Manny Ramirez, the Yankees-3 upgrades: Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte, and Pudge Rodriguez. Sabathia is already paying off for the Brewers, having pitched 3 complete games since the trade. Harden's pitch counts are being closely monitored by the Cubs and while he is 1-1, his ERA is 1.11 after 4 starts. The Angels already have the best record in baseball and Teixeira is a switch-hitting offensive upgrade from Casey Kotchman. The Manny trade could be considered a win-win for the Dodgers and the Red Sox. He is a much-needed big bat for the Dodgers and had worn out his welcome in the clubhouse and with management in Boston. The Yankees needed a better catcher and another corner outfielder. They got both.