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Around the Majors

Source: Jon Heyman

Several teams have said that they would like to add a second baseman, suggesting that both Robinson Cano and Brian Roberts could be on the move this offseason. The Brewers attempted to land Brian Roberts last spring, but failed after their unwillingness to trade Alcides Escobar or Manny Parra. It is possible the Brewers will try again after seeing Rickie Weeks fail to find his swing again this season. With Sabathia and Sheets heading to free agency, it is likely the Brewers will be very busy trying to keep their team together.

The Yankees are looking for outfield options and have set their sights on Matt Kemp. They could work a deal involving Robinson Cano, and bring in Kemp as their center fielder. Other options for center field include David DeJesus, but he struggled defensively this season. Another option is Milton Bradley, who is a free agent following this season playing for the Texas Rangers. Playing for a good team could entice Bradley, who hasn't played for a contender in his career.

The Rockies would like to add a number one starter and may pursue Ryan Dempster or Jon Garland. They could also pursue Derek Lowe if he doesn't sign with the Dodgers.

After LaTroy Hawkins dominated for the Astros, there is word that the Astros would like to resign him. Hawkins is very familiar with the NL Central and is very comfortable and confident with what he has. He would be a good signing for the Astros.

Andy Pettitte will likely wait until January or February to sign with a club. It is frustrating that that Andy Pettitte continues to put off his decision till the very last minute, but there is nothing we can do about it. He will likely sign with the Yankees, Astros, or Dodgers.

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