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Byrnes for Castillo?

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The Diamondbacks are very interested in bringing back Adam Dunn, but will not have room for him unless they trade either Eric Byrnes, Connor Jackson, or Justin Upton. It appears that Eric Byrnes will be the most likely to be traded. He only played in 52 games this year, but is a career .263 hitter and is not a free agent until 2011. But, who wants an injured outfielder who only hit .209? The Mets may be interested. The Mets would like to trade Luis Castillo and may shop him to the Diamondbacks so they can fill their void from losing Orlando Hudson. Castillo is owed 18 million over the next two seasons while Byrnes is owed 22 million through 2011. If the Diamondbacks added another player or split the difference between the contracts, a deal could happen.

Castillo hit 245 with 3 HR in 87 games this season.

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