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Cano Trade Possibilities?

Jon Heyman of has a good piece out on the Brewers managerial situation. Within that piece, there is word that the Yankees may look to trade Robinson Cano this offseason in a way to bulk up their minor league system. Here are a couple teams that would benefit from Cano:
  • The Dodgers: Cano's first manager Joe Torre manages the Dodgers and the Dodgers have an opening at second base. The Dodgers have the prospects, and could use Cano to support an already dangerous lineup. He would likely benefit to playing in the NL.
  • The Angels: The Angels will likely unload Chone Figgins this offseason, making room for several prospects they have. While they will likely keep either Francisco Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira, it is possible they would trade a package of prospects to the Yankees for Robinson Cano. They have the spot and he would make that lineup a little younger, and even more dangerous.
  • The White Sox: Alexei Ramirez is looking like a long term player for the White Sox. He has made the proper adjustments, and is a great fielder all around the field. If the White Sox were to move him to shortstop, they could put a package together and acquire Robinson Cano. They have the prospects, and it would easily make them the favorites in the Central.
  • The Rockies: The Rockies will definitely be in the market for a second baseman and could use a prospect or two in a trade involving Garrett Atkins and acquire Robinson Cano. Cano playing in Colorado will definitely boost his numbers, as well as being in the NL.
Cano is the type of player that can make a big difference, so the Yankees may look to trade him to the National League before shipping him to an American League team.