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Cubs Working On Extension For Piniella

The Cubs are working on an extension for manager Lou Piniella, who in his first two years as manager, has put a top of the line team on the field everyday. Not only has he worked with players Jason Marquis, Derrek Lee, Felix Pie, Geovany Soto, and many more, but his late game calling and solid staff has put the Cubs way over the top. Cubs President Crane Kenney told the Chicago Sun-Times that talks have been tabled till the offseason, but an extension is definitely in the works.

The Sun-Times also says that Cubs GM Jim Hendry might also have an extension in the works. While he has traded away many of his best prospects, smart draft choices and good free agent signings has made this club one of the best, from top to bottom. Both are well deserving of extensions.

Some other players with the Cubs in need of extensions include: Mark DeRosa, Carlos Marmol, and Geovany Soto.