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Dodgers to Buyout Penny?

According to the LA Daily News, The Dodgers may buyout Brad Penny rather than pay him the 9.25 million that he could earn next season. Penny won sixteen games in 2007, but struggled in 2008 going 6-8 with a 6.27 ERA. However, Penny is a very dominant pitcher who would thrive in a two or three spot in a rotation. He has 94-career wins and is a two time All-Star. If the Dodgers decline his option, they could put that money towards signing Manny Ramirez, or perhaps Rafael Furcal.

As for Penny, he will likely be a sought after pitcher. The Astros and Cardinals are both expected to pursue the pitcher if he becomes available, as are the Braves, who are looking to add a pitcher like Penny to back up Hudson.

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