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Furcal to Jays?

When I talked with J.P. Ricciardi last offseason, we talked about the shortstop situation. He told me that they have some good young shortstop prospects, but that they are a couple years away. Well the Jays were frustrated by the lack of production at the shortstop spot this year and may look to add a big time player this off season. While I have been informed by someone close to AJ. Burnett that he will opt out, he hasn't ruled out returning to the Blue Jays under a bigger contract. However, the Jays could use the money left over from Burnett to sign Jon Garland, who should be cheaper. Although, I talked with someone close to the agent of Jon Garland who said their "stat geeks" think Garland would fare much better in the National League.

We'll see if he values money or putting up even better numbers when the time comes?