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GM Talks: Williams, Ricciardi, Gillick

  • According to Jon Heyman, the White Sox are working on an extension for GM Kenny Williams, whose contract is set to expire in 2009. Williams is one of the best GMs in baseball, having most recently acquired Carlos Quentin and Alexei Ramirez, as well as drafting Gordon Beckham, one of the top infield prospects in America.
  • Blue Jays CEO Paul Godfrey told reporters that J.P. Ricciardi will be back for the 2009 season, but did not hint at whether or not he will be given an extension. If the Blue Jays can boost their infield and give Travis Snider a shot at DH, they could compete for a playoff spot. Expect the Blue Jays to be very aggressive this season in resigning A.J. Burnett, as well as several other players.
  • According to Jon Heyman, Phillies GM Pat Gillick may not retire after this season after all. While this would not bother many Phillies fans, it would probably bother Ruben Amaro Jr., who has been waiting for this job for a very long time. He could decide to leave and sign up with another team in their GM spot.

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