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Hermida to Royals, Indians, or Diamondbacks?

Coming into this offseason, the Marlins have eighteen arbitration eligible players. It is very unlikely that the Marlins will sign all of them, but picking who to trade will be the tough part. While the Marlins have been competitive, they don't want to trade away their best players and take another two steps back in terms of getting back to the playoffs. With that said, it is likely they will try to keep one of the following three: Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, and Jeremy Hermida. There is a lot of demand for outfielders and second baseman, so they might be able to get the best prospects for them. However, it is possible that the Yankees could turn to the Marlins for Jacobs if signing Teixeira falls through.

Hermida, although he has expressed his desire to stay, looks as good as gone. Royals GM Dayton Moore is very familiar with Hermida who saw Hermida play in Georgia growing up. The Indians are in the market for an outfielder while the Diamondbacks, who will lose Adam Dunn, could take a chance on Hermida hoping a competitive lineup with a lot of opportunities will turn his struggling career around. One thing holding him back is that he is very injury prone, so they might not be able to get the best prospects for him.

Expect the Marlins to be very busy this off season.

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