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Hudson To Be In Demand

According to Ken Rosenthal, Diamondbacks second baseman Orlando Hudson will be in demand this coming offseason. In 107 games this season, Hudson is batting .308 with 8 HR and 41 RBI. One thing that might bring his price down from the expected 15 million he will ask for is that he has only played in 107 games this season. However, after Hudson, Mark Ellis is the second best second baseman, and he is not nearly as good as Hudson.

As for teams that are expected to pursue Hudson, the Indians remain the favorite. Several other teams that would like to pursue Hudson have second baseman in the way, so they would need to trade them to open up the spot. The Rockies and Cardinals are also possibilities, but it is believed the Rockies are more interested in pursuing a trade, perhaps for Dan Uggla. The White Sox, Mets, and Yankees are also possibilities, but players at second are currently blocking any signing.

Other trade candidates this offseason include: Dan Uggla, Brian Roberts, Luis Castillo, and Mike Fontenot.