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Mazzone to Tigers?

One of the top pitching coaches in baseball Leo Mazzone may be in line for another job. The Tigers, who recently fired their pitching coach, are in the market for an experienced pitching coach. Mazzone's teachings can be seen in John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux, and every pitcher that played for the Braves for nearly a decade. Mazzone's most famous technique-when in doubt, down and out-is used among many pitchers all around the league today. Mazzone would be able to work with struggling pitchers Jeremy Bonderman and Nate Robertson, as well as Dontrelle Willis. He and Jim Leyland are reportedly very close and they would make for a great tandem.

GM Dave Dombrowksi would be smart to go in and snag Mazzone before he signs elsewhere.

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