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Mets To Go After Rodriguez?

After watching the Mets bullpen toss the teams dreams of making the playoffs down the drain, GM Omar Minaya has made it a priority to find relief help. That starts with finding a closer, mostly likely, Francisco Rodriguez. Rodriguez had the best year of his career and will likely make 13-15 million dollars annually. The Mets do not have a closer and the relievers in the bullpen have been hit hard due to not knowing their role with the team. While that may not a be a legitimate excuse, the Mets blew a league leading 29 games this season.

While it may make more sense to go after Brian Fuentes and spending their money elsewhere. In my opinion, the Mets would be smart to sign Brian Fuentes and their other free agent eligibles, instead of making a big investment on Francisco Rodriguez. They are playing in a division where the Phillies are a going to compete and the Marlins are very close, so it is important that the Mets make smart investments in order to compete.

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