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Millar Out, Teixiera In?

The Orioles are reportedly targeting Mark Teixiera and will likely let him walk to make room for Tex at first. Millar, who is making 2.75 million dollars this season, is having a decent year hitting .243 with 20 HR. He could probably make 3.00 million dollars, but it depends on the club. The Athletics are a possibility for Millar, as well as the Marlins, assuming they can trade Mike Jacobs. Ishikawa is doing okay for the Giants, but bringing in Millar would give Ishikawa more time to develop in the minors.

Millar will likley be a fall back if the Orioles miss out on Teixiera, but they could be in big trouble if they don't act fast because Millar is a player and fan favorite accross the league.