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Orioles To Explore Free Agent Market

Orioles president Andy McPhail said he plans to explore the free agent market to make big time additions to the club. McPhail said he would not pass up talking to guys with geographic ties to the area. With that said, both A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixiera have ties to the Baltimore area and would fill holes in the Orioles lineup. However, Teixeira is looking at a deal around 20-25 million dollars annually. With Miguel Cabrera moving across the diamond, it allows Scott Boras to compare him and Cabrera, both by personal health and stats, to come up with a deal better than his. The Orioles may not be able to support that kind of deal, especially if they want to resign Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis.

With Burnett, the Orioles will likely non tender Daniel Cabrera, opening a spot in the rotation and saving the Orioles about three million dollars. Burnett makes his offseason home in Baltimore and could be easy to lure to Baltimore if the right deal is out there. According to a source, however, Burnett is having "serious" talks about a contract with the Blue Jays.

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