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Padres to Dump Black?

Padres General Kevin Towers and Padres Manager Bud Black are very close friends, in and out of the ballpark. However, the Padres are 56-89 and do not have any legitimate prospects in the wings waiting to turn the team around, so it is possible Towers will look to take the team in another direction. Towers chose not to comment on the coaching situation until the season is over, so expect a decision to be made shortly following the season. There are several solid coaches available for next season, so it would be easy for Towers to let him go. The players like Black and the fans, for the most part like Black, so they might keep Black and ask him to let his staff go.

Alan Trammell, who has been working with Lou Piniella for the past two years, has done a great job and could be offered the job. Joey Cora of the White Sox should get a job as well. Former Mets manager Willie Randolph will likely find a job, and it is possible the Padres would pounce on him.