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Quick Hits: Dunn, Sheets, Spilborghs, Red Sox

Quick Hits...extended:
  • Dayton Daily News writer Hal McCroy talked with Adam Dunn about his impending free agency. Dunn told McCroy that he has not spoke with the Diamondbacks, and isn't worried about it. Dunn will make a lot of money wherever he goes, so he shouldn't be worried. I spoke with Josh Byrnes recently and he studies every potential signing before he even arranges a meeting. Signing Dunn is a big investment. While you are adding a lot of power, he brings no average to the table and knocks someone out of a starting job. The Diamondbacks have money to spend, but they are more likely to invest in an infielder and an OBP top of the order hitter before they spend the big bucks.
  • Brewers starter Ben Sheets will likely leave the Brewers, especially if the Brewers don't make the playoffs. A source has informed me that the Brewers will try very hard to sign CC Sabathia and are willing to offer him upwards of 130 million dollars. While I think there is a great chance the Brewers will sign Sabathia, it is very possible that Sabathia will sign for 150 million dollars with the Yankees, and Sheets will be too far along in negotiations with another team to turn back. Doug Melvin has a busy offseason ahead of him.
  • The Rockies are looking to land a number one starter. They have set their sights on a low top tier pitcher in Ben Sheets, in hopes that he will stay healthy and lead this rotation back to the playoffs. However, it doesn't stop there. Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd and Cubs GM Jim Hendry have had talks all season long about a trade involving Ryan Spilborghs. The Cubs are looking for depth in the outfield and the Rockies are looking for pitching depth, a trade that could line up well this offseason. Cubs manager Lou Piniella does not like Jason Marquis, despite the above average year he is having. He is entering a contract year and could be up for a big year. The Cubs could take Marquis and trade him to the Rockies for Spilborghs. Marquis would give them a lot of ground balls while Spilborghs would give the Cubs more depth. It would also clear up money for the Cubs to resign Dempster.
  • The Red Sox are eying a young catcher and have set their sights on Jeff Clement of the Mariners and Jarrod Saltalamachhia of the Rangers. Trading for Saltalamachhia would probably cost them Michael Bowden, but they might be able to trade Justin Masterson and a low level prospect. Either way, it is a win-win for both teams.