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Quick Hits

  • There is speculation around baseball that Tony La Russa will leave the dugout for the Front Office and become a General Manager. While it is hard to imagine La Russa in a suit and tie, he would make for a great GM. He knows what it takes to build a good team and is familiar with other GMs and owners. With several openings around baseball, we could see him in a GM role in a couple years.
  • The Orioles are preparing to shop their players around and are starting with Daniel Cabrera, who has put together a decent year going 8-8 with a 5.24 ERA.
  • The Diamondbacks are reportedly targeting Casey Blake for third base. That would mean they would move Mark Reynolds to second base.
  • The Yankees may consider trading Robinson Cano and bringing in someone like JJ Hardy or Rickie Weeks. A Yankee scout has been spotted watching the Brewers lately.