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Quick Hits

Quick Hits:
  • The Rockies are looking to trade Garrett Atkins. It is obvious by their attempts to play him at other positions to give prospect Ian Stewart a shot to play everyday. With Ian Stewart hitting .285 with 10 HR in 67 games this season, it is likely the Rockies will take the cheaper road and trade Atkins for prospects. The Indians, Angels, Twins, Red Sox, and Yankees all make for good options.
  • It appears that many in San Diego are calling for the Padres to tank their games in an attempt to land star pitching prospect Stephen Strasburg in the 2009 draft. Bud Black is against tanking games, as am I, because it disrupts the playoff race. If a team starts tanking games, that presents an unfair advantage for one team. September playoff races are about the struggling teams pulling it together in the end to beat out the team with fighting for a spot.
  • The Braves are very serious about pursuing Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa, 22, who throws in the mid nineties. The Yankees and Mets are also aggressively pursuing him.