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Quick Hits

Quick Hits:

Rodriguez Negotiating Through Media: Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez is playing hard to get with the Angels through the media. It is obvious that Rodriguez is going to get 12-15 million dollars, but where. The Angels would love to have him, but they could easily make a play for Brian Fuentes and be fine. My money is on the Angels landing him, but it is hard to see at this point.

BoSox Favorties For Tazawa: The Red Sox are currently the favorites to land Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa. Not a surprise, the Red Sox are the leaders in Pacific Rim signings.

Braves after Holliday?: The Boston Globe picked up on my piece about the Braves and Matt Holliday. Check it out. (scroll down).

Mariners like Ibanez: The Mariners would like to keep Raul Ibanez, but it is likely he will look elsewhere. However, not too many teams are going to want to surrender two draft picks for him.

Target Field, Home of the Twins: Target Corp. won the naming rights to Twins Field, set to open in 2010. Target Field! Sounds okay...

Happy Birthday Mom!