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Rodriguez to Mets?

Yankees catcher Ivan Rodriguez will likely be released following the 2008 season. Not only do the Yankees have Jorge Posada, but Ivan Rodriguez have been ineffective for the Yankees in 22 games, hitting just .219. Despite being thirty-seven next season, Rodriguez is looking for a starting job and will not sign for anything less. That brings up the question for GM's: Is Rodriguez agile enough to stay behind the plate? Long term, probably not. But a one year deal and possibly trading him mid-way through the year would definitely do the job.

The New York Mets have used Brian Schneider behind the plate for most of the year and he has done a decent job. However, Schneider has not been 100 % healthy all year long and has put up worse numbers than Pudge. If they were to sign Pudge to a one year, incentive base deal with a base salary around 3-5 million dollars, that could prove to be a great deal for the Mets.