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Source: Rays To Trade Upton?

According to a source, the Rays will consider trading B.J. Upton this off season in hopes of landing several top pitching prospects. Upton, who is hitting .274 with 8 HR in 136 games, but is relatively cheap and versatile. There will definitely be interest in him considering the price for a free agent is so high, so the Rays would be smart to make a move. One reason they are pushing for a trade is because the Rays are so high on prospect Fernando Perez. Perez, 25, is hitting .288 with 5 HR and 43 SB in 129 games at Triple-A this season, and will likely see time in the MLB next season.

While it may not be the best idea to trade Upton with no legitimate replacement, trading him while there is demand should help them down the road.