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Trammell to Seattle?

The Mariners plan to interview GM candidates immediately following the World Series. Following that decision, the Mariners will interview somewhere between three and five candidates. One of those candidates is believed to be Cubs bench coach Alan Trammell, who has been working closely with manager Lou Piniella. Piniella and teammates have praised Trammell for his work ethic and the approach he takes with players. He seems perfect for the Mariners, who need a manager who can take charge, but let the players run the clubhouse. He was not given a very good team in the early 2000s with the Tigers, but some of those players are doing much better now than back then, and that can be credited to Trammell and his staffs hard work.

Trammell may not want the Mariners job. He is working under one of the best managers in baseball with one of the best teams in baseball, so why leave now. If he continues to work with Piniella it is likely a better job will open up, perhaps the Cubs' job when Piniella decides to retire.

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