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2009 Top 50 Free Agents Predictions: 1-10

The 2009 Free Agent Projections are back! This is one of my favorite features on the site and I hope all you guy will share your opinions in the comments as well! Here we go:

1. Mark Teixeira, Angels
- After Tex, the first base market falls very fast. Teixeira combines a good work ethic with a powerful swing and great instincts. He is young, but experienced, and would help any team he is on. His price will likely rise because of the demand.

Prediction: Angels

2. CC Sabathia, Brewers
- Sabathia's year in Cleveland couldn't get any worse, and the trade to Milwaukee brought his value back up to Johan Santana money. While teams are hesitant to give him the big bucks because of his weight, the Yankees, among others, have added him to their list of targets.

Prediction: Yankees

3. Manny Ramirez, Dodgers
- Manny Ramirez had an unbelievable season for the Dodgers and carried them to the NLCS. The fans adored him, the team loved him, and the city has become inundated with Manny gear. However, the Dodgers are low on funds, and may look to sign Furcal and Lowe instead.

Prediction: Phillies

4. A.J. Burnett, Blue Jays
- Burnett is expected to opt out of his contract and likely take a mega contract elsewhere. The Red Sox, Orioles, and Cardinals are interested, so Burnett will have several options.

Prediction: Blue Jays

5. Derek Lowe, Dodgers
- Lowe is also expected to be a hot commodity, and will likely cash in if he waits for some of the better pitchers to sign. He is experienced, has playoff success, and is a great clubhouse guy.

Prediction: Braves

6. Adam Dunn, Diamondbacks
- Dunn is one of the more underrated outfielders on the market. Yes, he does not hit for average. But he hits for tremendous power and draws a lot of walks. He will be a solid signing for any team.

Prediction: Nationals

7. Francisco Rodriguez, Angels
- Rodriguez will likely be let go after a drop in velocity and an increase in speed on the changeup. He is young, and could get better, but giving a long term deal is risky. The Tigers and Mets are both expected to be interested, but they both have big contracts that complicate the situation. It should be interesting.

Prediction: Indians

8. Pat Burrell, Phillies
- Burrell is coming off one of the best years in his career, not to mention winning a World Series. The Phillies are not that enthused about signing Burrell, so will likely make a take it-or leave it offer and let him sign elsewhere. You would think Burrell would try and go up from the Phillies, but he may sign with a team like the Royals and try to do what the Rays did somewhere down the road.

Prediction: Royals

9. Rafael Furcal, Dodgers
- Furcal has given the Dodgers a couple solid years, but has been injured through a couple and may feel that he owes them. He could take a one year deal to prove to teams he can play healthy.

Prediction: Dodgers

10. Ryan Dempster, Cubs
- Dempster had the best year of his career in a year in the most important year of his career. He was coming off a bad year as a closer and fans were already sick of him. Dempster loves Chicago and said he wants to stay, and Cubs officials feel the same way.

Prediction: Cubs

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