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Brewers Pursuing Peavy?

Would the Brewers trade for two of the best pitchers in less than six months? According to the Boston Globe, the Brewers may make a run at Peavy hoping that he will take charge of their rotation. The Brewers could package a deal involving JJ Hardy and Manny Parra, along with prospect Cole Gillespie, Jeremy Jeffress, and someone like Mitch Stetter to help the bullpen and maybe even the rotation. Adding Peavy's relatively inexpensive salary while dumping Sheets' could potential open up the scenario of Jake Peavy and CC Sabathia pitching on the same team.

Unloading Sheets, Gagne, Hardy (in trade), and possibly Weeks clears up some money that would go to arbitration for a serious run at Sabathia. What I expect the Brewers to do is look to a five year deal around 100 million dollars, hoping that they can reel him in with the annual salary instead of the total payout. The Brewers could work his annual salary into their payroll so by the end of his contract, the Brewers could pay him 27 or 28 million dollars.

This isn't out of the realm of possibility. The Brewers do not have anyone that is worthy of a long term contract right now, besides Prince Fielder. However, Fielder made 670,000 this season and is still several years away from free agency (he also might get traded before the Brewers are forced to pay him). It's a big if, but Melvin has always been aggressive - we'll see what happens.

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