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Burgos To Be Jailed

Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos will be heading to jail for the next three months awaiting trial for killing two women in a hit and run accident. Burgos, 24, missed all of the 2008 season recovering from surgery, but did pitch in the final month of the season at Triple-A. "I am going to come out of this fine because my conscience is clear, and I'm not worried this will affect my career because I haven't done anything," he said in the jailhouse interview. The court has ordered him to remain behind bars because the people of Nagua are reportedly jealous of success in the MLB, being the only MLB player from Nagua.

Besides his court date in Nagua, he has an Oct. 23 court date in New York for assault and harrassment charges. Burgos has potential to be a late inning flame thrower, but if this doesn't get resolved soon they might release him.

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