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Burnett Waiting On Market?

According to a source close to Darren Braunecker, the agent of A.J. Burnett, they plan to let the market set the value of his pitcher, considering he is the next best pitcher behind CC Sabathia. The Yankees are believed to be interested, and rumors are swirling that they are more interested in him than Sabathia because of Burnett's competitive mindset. CC Sabathia is a great pitcher, but Yankee officials are concerned that he might be "too laid back" for the Yankees.

Anyways, the Blue Jays believe they can sign the pitcher, who was 38-26 with a 3.93 ERA in three seasons with the Jays. The Red Sox, Orioles, Braves, and Dodgers are among many teams interested in the pitcher, who is expected to get a five year deal worth about 15-17 million dollars annually. If the Yankees want him, they will get him. Money is no object, they have a new stadium, and the offense and bullpen to back him.

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