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Cardinals Buyout Mulder

The Cardinals have decided to buyout pitcher Mark Mulder instead of paying him eleven million dollars. Mulder, despite putting up 16 wins for the Cardinals in 2005, has only pitched in six games over the past two seasons. While the Cardinals do like the idea of having a veteran lefty in their rotation, they feel they would be better off investing in players that are not health risks. The Cardinals lost Dan Haren, who the Athletics later traded for top prospects such as Aaron Cunningham and Carlos Gonzalez, among others. I'd say the Athletics got the better half.

As for teams that could pursue Mulder, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Athletics make a play. He will be cheap, and does have some upside to return. Another option is the Cubs, who have had success rehabbing free agents such as Ryan Dempster. It would also set up a reunion between Mulder and Hudson. Other possibilities include the Red Sox, Mets, Indians, and Rangers.

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