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Cubs Deny Mariners, Close In On GM

Mariners executives contacted Cubs president Crane Kenney hoping to get permission to interview Cubs GM Jim Hendry, who has one year left on his contract. The Cubs denied their request and appear to be closing in on a three year extension with Hendry, who has built this Cubs team to two division championships. While he has traded some strong prospects away, they have made pretty good drafting decisions and are ready for a long term run atop the division. Bruce Miles breaks down some of the good and bad moves Jim Hendry has made over the course of his time with the Cubs.

Personally, I think the best move he made was trading Bobby Hill, Matt Bruback, and Jose Hernandez to the Pirates for Aramis Ramirez, Kenny Lofton, and Randall Simon.

One of his worst...probably trading Ricky Nolasco, Renyel Pinto, and Sergio Mitre to the Marlins for Juan Pierre.

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