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DiPoto, Ng, Front Runners For Mariners Job

According to Buster Olney, Arizona Diamondbacks executive Jerry DiPoto is one of the front runners for the Mariners GM job. DiPoto has built a reputation as a great scout, having served for the Red Sox during their first World Series in 2004. He also worked for the Rockies and played a key role in drafting some of the players that helped in their 2007 run to the World Series. He is currently with the Diamondbacks, where we have seen several strong trades as well as several smart draft choices (Upton, Scherzer, Parker). He would make for a great pick, and Olney believes the Mariners would have an easy time recruiting Pat Gillick if DiPoto is picked.

Kim Ng, the Dodgers Front Office assistant, is also one of the candidates in line for the job. She has built up quite a good resume working for the Dodgers and likely has a GM job in her future. She doesn't nearly have as much experience as DiPoto, but the Mariners are looking for more of an up and comer more than an established executive. Either way, the Mariners will be in good hands.

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