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Garland to Indians?

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Indians are looking for a number three starter. The While the Indians have a couple young starters with potential behind Lee and Carmona, they would like to add an established pitcher who can put up double-digit wins. With that said, Jon Garland could be their guy. While he might return to the Angels, Garland may like Cleveland considering he pitched in Chicago for several seasons, and is very familiar with the division. He is just twenty-nine years old and could be on the verge of peaking. Garland made twelve million in 2008, and is probably looking at that or a little more in 2009. I'd say a three year deal worth somewhere between 30-36 million dollars would get it done.

Other pitchers they could pursue include Braden Looper, Jamie Moyer, and Randy Wolf.

From Buster Olney: The Indians and Royals "are not" talking about a deal involving Mark Teahen.

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