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Heyman: Cubs, Abreu Match Up?'s Jon Heyman believes the Cubs and Bobby Abreu are a perfect match. Abreu is thirty-four and is probably looking for at least a three year deal worth 12-14 million dollars annually. Abreu combines a solid batting average, above average speed, and solid power that would put the Cubs in a great spot for 2009. Abreu has hit .300 in the three spot over the course of his career (1000+ games) and is not prone to grounding into a lot of double plays. Putting him in right and moving Fukudome to center to platoon with Johnson and Pie would give the Cubs not just a solid lefty, but a reason to move Derek Lee down to the five spot, which would give the Cubs one of the deepest lineups in the league. The Cubs are reportedly considering a run at Brian Roberts, which would push Mark DeRosa to right field. Other than that, Raul Ibanez is also believed to be on their radar.

The Cubs need to sign Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood first, and that could cost as much as 20-23 million dollars. Adding 35 million dollars in payroll while they are in the process of finding a new owner may not be in the cards this off season - they might just need to make trades.

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