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Mariners Hire Zduriencik

The Mariners announced today that they are hiring former Brewers assistant Jack Zduriencik as their new general manager. "Seattle is an outstanding organization with great fans, a great ballpark and an ownership group committed to the goal of bringing a World Series to the Northwest," said Zduriencik, "I believe that working together, we can make the Mariners a model franchise. I am looking forward to getting to work immediately, and developing a plan to reach our goal." Zduriencik is one of the most respected executives in baseball and should help the Mariners make strong drafting decisions, as well as bringing in solid players to help the Mariners win.

One move that is expected is to trade Jarrod Washburn, as well as acquire a corner infielder and outfielder. They have a busy offseason ahead of them.

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