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Mets, Royals Working Trade?

According to the New York Post, the Mets and Royals talked about trading Luis Castillo for Jose Guillen at the trade deadline, and may revisit that trade this offseason. Guillen hit .264 AVG with 20 HR in 153 games this past season, and has two years worth 24 million dollars left on his contract. Castillo has three years and eighteen million dollars left on his contract, so it is possible they will swap salaries and split the remaining difference.

The Royals are looking for a middle infielder, but will not pursue a big name player like Brian Roberts through trade. They value their prospects and will look to an under the radar player like Mike Fontenot or Clint Barmes, or a swap a big salary for a big salary. The Royals are also pursuing a corner outfielder, as well as pitching help.

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