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Mets Shopping Beltran?

According to Frank Russo of the NY Baseball Digest, the Mets are willing to listen to offers about outfielder Carlos Beltran. Beltran, who hit .284 with 27 HR and 25 SB, was right on par with his career numbers. He mentions the Yankees as a possible suitor, who would package a deal including Robinson Cano, Ian Kennedy, and two other prospects. However, Rob Neyer breaks down that trade and shows that the only legitimate player they would receive would be Robinson Cano.

If the Mets are serious about trading Beltran, they would be smart to call the Cubs, who pursued the outfielder back in 2004 before he signed with the Mets. The Cubs would have to give up a couple solid prospects, perhaps Tyler Colvin, Sean Marshall, and Wellington Castillo, along with another player, but he would give them the power hitting lefty (switch-hitter) they need in their lineup.

If the Rockies are able to unload Matt Holliday or Garrett Atkins, they could use a prospect or two from that deal, along with one of their own prospects, maybe Dexter Fowler, to land Beltran. However, Taylor Buchholz or Ubaldo Jimenez would have to be included. Both have established themselves in the majors and could help the Mets in 2009. Losing Fuentes and Holliday will take some burden off their payroll, so they could easily take on his salary, which would probably be supported by the Mets.

This sounds like a "video-game scenario," but it is in the realm of possibility with young prospect Fernando Martinez waiting in the wings. The Mets want to reach the playoffs, and trading an All-Star for a bunch of prospects doesn't make sense at the moment.

We'll see what happens.

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