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Milwaukee Needs To Act

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Milwaukee had a great year making the playoffs for the first time in 26 years, but they face a difficult task this offseason as they must improve their team to compete with the Cubs, Cardinals, and Astros, as well as the Pirates and Reds, who will look more like spoilers if their pitchers come through. They will likely offer Sabathia arbitration, so they can receive two draft picks when he signs elsewhere. They will probably do the same with Sheets, who is a Type B free agent. As for improving their pitching, which looks like Gallardo, Bush, Suppan, and Parra, would defintiely benefit from the addition of one, maybe two pitchers.

One of those two pitchers could come in the form of a trade involving Prince Fielder. The Giants have reportedly expressed interest in the first baseman, and may be will to trade Matt Cain to bring him in. The Brewers could trade Fielder for Cain and a low level prospect or two. A trade like this would give the Brewers the ace they need while it would give the Giants the power hitter they need.

As for the infield, moving JJ Hardy to third base makes sense, but the Brewers are known for giving their prospects some time in the minors before they call them up for good. Signing someone like Mark Loretta would give them the third baseman they need for the first month or two of the season, assuming Alcides Escobar is ready to come up. Then they can move Loretta around the infield for the rest of the season. At second, Rickie Weeks had a lot of potential to be a good player, but injuries have held him back. A team like the Athletics, Rockies, or Blue Jays could turn to weeks looking for a bargain and trade a prospect or another struggling player, assuming the salary works out.

That is isn't all though, they need to determine whether or not they want Mike Cameron again as well as finding a closer or late inning reliever. A Juan Cruz signing is possible.

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