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Options For Randy Johnson?

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According to the Arizona Republic, the Diamondbacks have some interest in bringing back Randy Johnson, but only if he is willing to take a serious pay cut. Johnson is eleven wins short of 300 and wants to play somewhere. Here are a couple options for the Hall of Fame pitcher:

Mariners: Johnson started his career with the Mariners and for one year, could be a number five starter for them. With Erik Bedard struggling, Johnson could mentor the young lefty and help him turn his once promising career around.

Nationals: The Nationals have made it known that they are looking for a veteran pitcher and could target Johnson as a mentor and a seat filler for 2009. Who in DC would not want to see a future Hall of Famer close in on 300 wins?

Cardinals: The Cardinals are in need of a starter and could target the veteran to help mentor some of their young pitchers coming off strong years. He would be great for them if he could give them 10-12 wins.

Johnson's family is in Arizona, so it is likely he would want to stay there, or at least close to there. We'll see what happens.

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