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Peavy to Yankees?

If the Yankees are looking to add pitching, they may look through trading before spending one hundred million dollars on a pitcher. If the Padres decided to have a fire sale, they could ask Peavy to waive his no trade clause and possibly unload him. Peavy's agent Barry Alexrod hinted that the Yankees were one of Peavy's three teams in the AL that would entice him, so this is very possible. Peavy was 10-11 with a 2.85 ERA for a 99-loss team, so those numbers will obviously look a lot better with a run scoring team. The Padres could land a package that included Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Edwar Ramirez, and minor leaguers like Austin Jackson, and a low level minor leaguer. That type a move would definitely help the Padres because not only do they land an All-Star second baseman, and an ace in the making, but they land an excellent reliever in Ramirez with All-Star potential.

If the Padres can make this kind of trade this offseason, they should not hesitate, it would help them in long run.

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