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Quick Hits

  • The Cubs pursued Raul Ibanez at the trade deadline this year, but failed. He is a free agent this offseason and the Cubs may try to offer him a two or three year deal and play him in right field. This will allow the Cubs to move Kosuke Fukudome to center field to platoon with Reed Johnson, or maybe Felix Pie. He and Brian Roberts would make the Cubs lineup one of the best.
  • According to the Rocky Mountain News, Scott Boras is looking for a five year deal worth about 85 million dollars. This is obviously one of Boras' ploys to get someone to overpay at a price the team finds reasonable. If a team comes in and offers a three year deal worth 50 million dollars, he would probably take it.
  • The Astros would like to sign a big name pitcher this offseason, but will likely settle for a second tier pitcher. Jon Garland or Ben Sheets makes sense, who will probably be looking for a four year deal worth 30-40 million dollars.

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